Atomix developed the Micro-Pod Model to Design, Automate and Optimize the end-to-end order fulfillment process. Our model is purpose-built for independent brands and designed to help increase their productivity and profitability by eliminating complex processes and capital-intensive operations. 

We have systematically removed the traditional headaches and costs of working with a fulfillment partner. For example,

Atomix pricing is purpose-built to help emerging brands increase productivity and profitability. Each brand receives personalized pricing based on their brand's preferences. You can access the form here.

Atomix pricing is only based on the actual usage of each account. For example,

  1. Order Fulfillment Fee
  2. Storage Fee

That's it. The fees include the following,

  • Order Fulfillment Fee - based on the volume which means the more you sell the less you spend per shipment.
    • Per Unit Pick Fee: Tiered Pricing based on Volume
    • Standard Packaging (option for custom packaging)
    • Shipping Rate (several carriers and options for international and domestic, and standard and economy)
    • Returns Processing
  • Storage Fee- based on the space utilized
    • Receiving Warehouse Shipments: Each box or pallet received
    • Number of SKUs: Single Bin per SKU
    • Quantity of SKUs: Total Storage Required

Atomix includes the following services

  • Dedicated Pod Manager and Account Manager - read more here
  • Discounted Shipping Rates - read more here
  • Freight Management - Your Account Manager will help find the most cost-effective and fastest way to send Warehouse Shipments with our freight carrier partners
  • Order and Inventory Software Management - read more here
  • Carrier Claims Management - read more here
  • Address Validation - All Domestic Orders with U.S. addresses are verified to ensure the orders are deliverable. Any errors will be easily addressable to fix to ensure shipment accuracy.

Atomix offers the following additional services

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