The Order Fulfillment Process can be one of the most manual and time-consuming processes for emerging brands. 

We developed our Micro-Pod Model to Design, Automate and Optimize the end-to-end order fulfillment process. We are purpose-built to increase productivity and profitability for emerging brands

Our system is built with proprietary technology that calculates the optimal positioning of inventory. 

The system is based on four primary inputs:

  • Monthly Order Volume
  • Dimensions of Each Product
  • Total Number of SKUs
  • Quantity of Each SKUs

After calculating the impact of each input, Atomix positions inventory within the pod and the excess inventory in the Back Stock.

By positioning the right amount of inventory in the Pod, we reduce long walking patterns typically found in a warehouse's daily operations. We found these to be naturally inefficient. As a result, our model leads to more optimal workflows, a lower probability of risk from inaccurate picking, and ultimately lower operating costs for our customers. 

By maximizing the storage bins within the Pod, we are able to store the right amount of inventory, reduce "wasted" space, and as a result, lower our customers' total operating costs. 

Explore how the Micro-Pod Model Designs, Automates and Optimizes the order fulfillment process or speak with our team here!