We make integrating your store as simple as possible

All you have to do is (i) fill out this form (here) & (ii) ensure you provide the proper access (see below). 

After that is completed, our Solutions Engineer team can integrate your store as expeditiously as possible!

Proper Account Access & Permissions:

If you're creating a New User (Staff Member) for our Solutions Engineers, please follow the directions below:

  • When you create a New Staff Member, you will take the following steps:
    • First & Last Name: Atomix Team
    • Email: team@atomixlogistics.com
    • Permissions: 2 Options
      1. Select All: Check mark the "select all" box for permissions; or,
      2. Specific Permissions: For specific access, check mark the required boxes outlined below (image)

  • For Shopify Stores, in order to enable Private App Development, please follow the steps below (or read a detailed guide here):
    • Log in to your store as the store owner.
    • From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.
    • Click Manage private apps.
    • Click Enable private apps.
    • Read and check the terms, and then click Enable private app development.
    • If you want a collaborator or staff to create, edit, or delete private app credentials, then you can give them the View private app and Edit private app details and permissions.

If you're still unsure if our Solutions Engineers have the proper access, feel free to reach out to your Onboarding Team via Slack who will help guide you throughout the process.

Thanks so much for choosing Atomix & we look forward to growing, together!