Special projects are one-off tasks that fall outside the normal Pick/Pack Process. 

This includes tasks such as:

  • Re-Receiving Inventory,
  • Inventory Cycle Counts, 
  • Kitting of SKUs,
  • FBA Prep,
  • Barcoding & Labeling,
  • B2B Orders, or
  •  Re-Packaging Items.

Your Customer Success Manager can help answer any specific questions related to the process.

If you're ready to submit a Special Project, please fill out the following form - Special Project Form

How are special projects performed?

  1. First, our brand partners determine what type of work is required. This step is handled by submitting our Special Project Form.
  2. Next, your dedicated account manager will reach out with a Time Analysis and discuss the projects' scope of work.
  3. Once the Project Estimates are confirmed and submitted, the Atomix Team performs the job.
  4. After the job is complete, your account manager will follow up with the final details related to your project time and cost.

If any questions arise to the process, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help answer any questions!

Timeline for Special Projects:

5 business days. For a request to be completely submitted, Atomix must have all data and inventory necessary in order to complete the special project. Once a request is completely submitted, Please allow Atomix up to 5 business days to complete any special project request. 

**Please note that from November 15th through December 15th, Atomix will not be completing any Special Projects. Any Special Projects submitted during this time will be completed after December 15th. Please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions or concerns.