The Atomix Onboard Checklist provides an easy-to-follow guide for clients to begin their partnership with Atomix. The Onboarding Process can be completed in less than 24 hours.





Slack Account Setup

Atomix sends an invitation to the Client

  • Slack allows you to communicate via instant text messaging with the Atomix Team 24/7

  • The client receives one Pod Manager and one Customer Success Manager

  • Respond in 15 minutes, resolve the situation in 24 hours


Billing Account Setup

Billing is due on the 1st and 15th of every month

  • Only charged for storage utilized and orders shipped

  • Storage charged daily (faster selling units remain in storage for shorter periods of time)

  • Set up Deposit with Customer Success Manager


Sign Contract

The Client reviews the Contract (here)

  • Save the contract to PDF and return a signed copy by emailing the executed PDF to with Subject Line: Atomix Executed SLA


Atomix Platform

Account Setup

The Client creates their own login and user name. Atomix grants access to the Platform (create login here)

  • The platform allows clients to handle and manage their business with Atomix - Inventory, Order, Warehouse, Shipping Management in One Unified Platform


Integrate Store

The Client provides access to their store (here)

  • Atomix frees you from the headaches of integrating your store.


Create Warehouse Shipment

The Client signs in to the account and creates the first Warehouse Shipment (instructions on Section B. here)

  • This action notifies Atomix of incoming shipments

  • Atomix received and scans the inventory into pre-identified storage units in Your Dedicated Pod. 


 Receiving Guidelines

The Client reviews the Receiving Guidelines (here) on how to prepare and send Warehouse Shipment

  • Provides a guideline for how to properly prepare your inventory to Atomix Warehouse


Special Projects

Atomix discusses Special Projects with the Client

  • Special Projects are one-off tasks outside the normal course of the pick/pack process (here)


Returns Guidelines

The Client reviews the Returns Guidelines (here) to determine how to handle returns

  • Discuss the process to maintain proper inspection and accuracy for Returns and Handling



Feel free to reach out to our team at any point if you have any outstanding questions! We’d be delighted to help (