Company Overview:

  • Atomix is the only eCommerce logistics company designed with Micro-Pods to manage the end-to-end fulfillment operations for emerging brands and startups. The Micro-Pod Model is purpose-built for independent brands and designed to help increase their productivity and profitability by eliminating complex processes and capital-intensive operations.

  • Leading Brands: We’ve partnered with innovative brands such as Freja NYC, Lumilly, Human Tonik, and Candyl among other high-growth DTC brands, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and independent creators.

  • Continuous Innovation: We developed the model to provide the (i) scale of outsourcing with the (ii) control and customer experience of owned operations. Our customers’ continuous input has furthered and deepened our team’s research and development as we pioneer the micro-pod model in an industry dominated by manual pen and paper processes.

  • Aligning Interests: Our Micro-pod Model is unlike any other warehouse or 3PL in the industry. Whether a subscription box business is shipping 8,000 orders per month or an eBay seller shipping 100 custom hats, our Pods are built to provide the same-level of service, regardless of size. At our core, we’re vertically-integrated with (i) dedicated “boots-on-the-ground” pod managers, (ii) an owned and operated warehouse and (iii) unified software platform. We believe, as a fulfillment company, the only way to achieve consistent customer excellence and life-time customers is by owning the end-to-end process.

  • Our North Star: We aim to be the first and last fulfillment company that emerging brands choose to partner with.

  • Our Core Mission: We built atomix around our core mission to create a new way to scale ecommerce without complexity or cost-intensive operations, so brands can grow sustainably on their terms.

  • Our Home is Yours: We are proudly based by the Great Lakes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and are planning to open our second facility in Q2'22 in Los Angeles, California to continue to provide the best possible experience for our global and growing customers.