Receiving Guidelines Part 2 of 2

Table of Contents:

1. Receiving Requirements

        A. How to prepare your shipment (Part 1 of 2)

        B. How to complete your warehouse shipment

2.  Additional Information

Receiving Requirements:

B. How to Complete Your First Warehouse Shipment on the Atomix Platform


1SKU Upload: First, you will begin the process by Uploading SKUs.

Note: SKUs are fundamental for our system to manage your business with Atomix. More specifically, Atomix tracks inventory quantities, provides a real-time dashboard, and associates orders with SKUs. Without proper documentation of SKUs, managing operations and ensuring high-quality operations becomes extremely difficult. 

  • Once the Atomix Team reviews the Inventory Upload Form Submission, Atomix will notify you to begin the next step via Slack

2. Initiate a Warehouse Shipment (WS) via the Warehouse Shipment Tab.

3.Navigate to the New Warehouse Shipment

  • Supplier: Create a Supplier (either your address or your manufacturers, where ever the product is being sent from)
  • Provide the Estimated Date of Arrival (Be as accurate as possible)
  • Provide the Shipment Method (Freight, UPS, DHL, etc.)
  • Shipment Number: Paste the Tracking Number from Carrier
  • If more than one, please include them in the Notes section
  • Note: the other fields are not required.

4. Select SKUs

  • Choose the SKUs included in the Warehouse Shipment
  • Choose the Quantity of Each SKU included in the Warehouse Shipment.
  • Confirm the Shipment and we'll handle the rest!

5. Email with the Subject Line: "Warehouse Shipment" and in the Body include:

  • the tracking number, 
  • the PO (typically includes what’s inside the shipment), 
  • and the estimated delivery date.

  • Additional Information: If you have to Create SKUs at any time please follow these steps below:
    • Individual SKUs: Add each SKU individually in the app: Navigate to the Admin > SKU section > Add SKU; or,
    • Bulk Import: Navigate to the Inventory Tab, select Import in the top right corner, download the sample CSV file, add SKUs and the SKU data (note: the sections with existing sample data are required), save the file, and upload the file with the Import function (previously clicked).
  • *Key Requirements*
    • SKU: Unique Identifier. MUST MATCH Store SKU or Orders will not be processed.
    • Description: Of the SKU. Be as accurate and precise as possible.
    • Unit Cost: If applicable.
    • Weight: ONLY In Pounds (lbs). You must convert Ounces or Grams to Pounds.
    • UOM: Unit of Measurement should be "Each"
    • UPC: If applicable.
    • Other Options: Not required.